Vehicle And Air Condition Deodorizer

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The vehicle is a fast hygienic disinfection and cleaning productdesigned for use in the interior of the air conditioning system andvehicles. Bacteria, fungi and odors caused by microbes. Preventallergic reactions and leaves a pleasant smell.

Turn off the air conditioning and open the hve circulati-on enterprises. Set maximum ventilation and choose the coldtemperature range. Insert the packing box and the hole in the rightfront seat of the socket mop up the inclined section to show yourposition on the breast pilgrimage. You activate the spray head, turn off the vehicle door and wait for about10 minutes. Ventilate discharged after box for the vehicle based on theformat. Note: the odorless air conditioning systems and vehicleinhibitors are applied only at regular intervals therein. (At least 2times a year).

Exslary date 2 years after production. For manufacturing date&serial number under of the can.